Catching up with the captains

A peek into the lives of Trinity’s sporting elite

Trinity has an incredible array of sporting societies available to students. Whether they want to try their hand at a new hobby or train eight nights a week for fame and glory, there is something for everyone. But occasionally, it …

What happens now?

The world of sport is left in limbo as Covid-19 sweeps the globe

This time of year is usually a joyful one for sports fans. We were promised, amongst other things, a Premier League run-in, Euro 2020, the conclusion of the Six Nations, the British Open, Royal Ascot, the Olympics, and a trilogy

Funding for women in sport: the challenge of Covid-19

Sport’s cure for the coronavirus cannot come at the expense of female athletes

Elite rugby referee and former Ireland international Joy Neville spoke last week on The Dugout podcast about the challenging circumstances the women’s team faced during her playing days. In particular, she recalls their journey to France for the Six Nations

Out of Left Field: DU Table Tennis

Captain Oran Donovan discusses tournaments, getting involved, and bringing something different to Trinity’s top table

There aren’t many children who run around their back gardens screaming the name of their favourite table tennis player having played a game of ping pong. (That said, the only ping pong they’ve ever played in their back garden is

The death of the half-time team talk

Modern coaches have abandoned aggressive team talks, with some ditching their rousing remarks altogether

Anyone who has ever seen Any Given Sunday will agree that the standout moment in that film is Al Pacino’s final team talk. Here, Pacino’s character, Tony D’Amato, opens his heart to his players and urges them to come together

Out of left field: DU Ultimate Frisbee

DUUFC President Andrew Cleary looks back on the development of the sport in Trinity and why he has high hopes for its future

For many of us uninitiated, frisbee is a summertime staple on the rare occasions the sun decides to show in Ireland, and is a great way of spending time with your dog. While the sport of ultimate frisbee, unfortunately, lacks