A new era for DUCAC: Jemil Saidi

DUCAC’s first student Chairperson discusses his plans for the future and how he found his feet in Trinity’s sporting scene

It has been 100 years since the inception of the Dublin University Central Athletics Club (DUCAC). The club operates as a centralised governing body for all of Trinity’s sports club, organising their budgets and providing a platform for each club

Out of left field: DU Trampolining

An underrated airborne experience with something for everyone

For most people out there, when they hear the word ‘trampoline’, they likely think of their airborne hi-jinx in years gone by or possibly Homer Simpson’s exuberant reaction to an advert in the Springfield Shopper. Or maybe that’s just me.

Trinity’s Sorcha McAllister stays on track

The athlete discusses finding a balance in college and life as a sport scholar

Running has not always been Sorcha McAllister’s favourite pastime. Blessed with the misfortune of being born into a sporting family, she seems to have had no choice other than to enter the athletics fray herself. Now, however, due to a …

Victory at Varsities for DUHAC as they claim gold

The women’s team won a gold medal in the road relay for the first time since 1987

Dublin University Harriers and Athletics Club (DUHAC) were busy breaking records over the weekend as they took part in the Intervarsity Road Relay Championships in Maynooth University. The women’s team secured the gold medal in their event, making them the …

Aussie Rules: The Irish sports stars playing down under

An interview with Luke Towey on his journey from underage football in Sligo to Melbourne

With every passing graduation, media outlets across the country begin discussing the so-called “brain drain”; the emigration of Ireland’s newest graduates in search of well-paying jobs not available in their own country. What is often less discussed is the drain