Trinity Research: Dr John Donergan

The Semiconductor Photonics Group, led by Dr. John Donegan, is based in the School of Physics in Trinity. The group has laboratory space in the SNIAM and CRANN buildings. Photonics is the subject of the generation and the use of light. It is a relatively new field of research and is set to become a key technology for the 21st Century. It combines the power of laser light, optical fibers and waveguide structures and is set to revolutionise optical telecommunications and nanotechnology.
At Trinity the Group is carrying out research into the concepts that underpin photonics, the materials of the future and it has a strong focus on developing novel applications in photonics, having patented many key ideas. It focuses on the following:


This is the interaction of quantum dot emitters and other nanoscale materials and the interaction of the emitters with microcavity resonators. This work will enable the construction of the smallest possible lasers on the size of a grain of salt with the ability to form lasers made specifically for their applications including analysis of human cells.
This work is carried out in the CRANN research institute and they have links with research groups in France and Germany.

Optical Communications

Diode laser are key components in communications and in spectroscopy applications. The Group is working on vernier-tunable semiconductor lasers with its patented stabilised Fabry Perot structure.
All of this work is geared to increasing the data carrying potential for optical fibre networks. This work will spur on the development of video-on-demand services over the internet.