Just like watching Brazil

The 2009/2010 soccer Megaleague continues to be arguably the most enthralling sporting competition in Europe, if not the world.  Nineteen remarkable teams entered the well-established competition in September of Michaelmas term, with high hopes to become either Saturday or Sunday league champions. Now, as the delights of spring hit Dublin, the final few fixtures of both leagues are inevitably going to be fascinating battles. Suitably named side, ‘Unreal Madrid’, have dominated the Saturday league.  They have combined stringent organisation and discipline, with skill and flair to top the league by an impressive margin. The top of the Sunday league however is remarkably close as halls representatives Temple Road Wanderers and Dartry Road Rovers, are engaged in a dramatic fight for the top spot.
However there has been delightful football played by all of the sides involved in both leagues. Although Mark McCann’s Unreal Madrid can be seen as the hotshots of the Saturday league, other teams such as Lincoln Celtic and Mendel have had solid seasons with creative football coming from both sides. C.F.R Clunge have entertained the ‘Santry loyal’ with their fast paced style and explosive attacking football as have the newly established Galaclassaray. Additionally, A.C.T.T.T., a team of intelligent post-graduate physicians also deserve praise for their endeavours in the Saturday league. Captain Rob Lennox has created a strong, organised outfit who play with true sporting pride. 
The Sunday league has also thrown up some close battles this year. Sporting Lisbon Treaty have created moments of truly artful football that Eric Cantona would be proud of; Cian O’Reilly must certainly be proud of his loyal squad. Brian Free’s Whispering Eyes have played clinical counter-attacking football and are known for going forward down the flanks. Moreover, Hair of the Dog, a team of engineers have shown that hung-over football can also be beautiful football. Cian O’Carrol-Lolait’s Banter F.C. have been consistently strong this season and hope to trouble Taste of Dunfermline and the two halls teams for the Sunday championship.
However, what supersedes all excitement over the culmination of the leagues is the coveted Megaleague Cup. The draw has thrown up some interesting fixtures with each side hoping to claim ultimate glory in the final which is to be played on College Green on Thursday 22nd of April. 
Reigning champions Lincoln Men are looking for a repeat performance in the cup. Captain Mark McLaughlin believes that his team of teeth-fiddlers have what it takes to go all the way. Yet they will be up against stiff competition in A.C.T.T.T. in the first round. Last year’s finalists Banter F.C. are hoping to claim the glory of the cup this year as they face Galaclassaray.
The captain of the predominantly vacant side Cool Runnins’, Brendan Segalas, has hinted that his side will certainly turn up to the first round of the cup: “My team is fresh, fresh like bacon. I hope we get at least to the semi-finals and meet Hair of the Dog who we will decimate.” However, Hair of the Dog captain Billy Kinane released a provocative statement, reminiscent of a certain Kevin Keegan, just after the cup draw: “But I’ll tell ya, you can tell him now if you’re reading this, we’re fighting for this cup, I’ll tell ya honestly, I will love it if we beat them, love it!” Strong words.
Chief Commissioner of the Megaleague, Tommy Dunne hopes that the competition for the cup will result in soccer matches of the highest standard. Dunne asserted: “I’m looking forward to the final, I’ll see you there, College Green, 22nd of April, 2 o’clock!”  Megaleague referee and all round aficionado Patrick Skinner has stated: “Football is my life; The Megaleague is my world. Oh my days this draw is exciting. I cannot wait to see who will take the cup this year. The Megaleague has seen the most competitive soccer in Europe. I wish the best of luck to all teams involved.” Many people agree that nothing in football is certain. However, I beg to differ, it is certain that this year’s Megaleague cup will be the most exciting tournament since the game began.