Soccer defeat for Dundrum

By Eleni Megoran

Dublin University Soccer Club had a fantastic game on Saturday the October 30 with its fifth win in the Leinster Senior Football League. It was a game of beautiful football being played by Dublin University against Glenmore Dundrum.

With kick-off at 1 pm it meant that it was a sunny afternoon match that was awaiting the players. The pitch however was soggy after this week’s rain, which meant that players had to really work hard to get up and down the pitch.

The first half began with the two teams going head to head. Dublin fiercely attacked with Ciaran Lawler crossing the ball which found attacker’s Donal O’Cofaigh head but just missed the goal.

Glenmore had a number of sloppy corners throughout the game which were being quickly hit away by Dublin. However Glenmore quickly replied to Dublin’s strong attack, with a great cross by Glenmore’s number 11. The cross found number 5’s head who quickly headed it into the left hand side of Dublin’s goal. Putting Glenmore in the lead in the first half.

Dublin kept weaving past Glenmore’s strong defence pressurising them with multiple shots which were all just off target. Dublin were on the verge of a goal throughout the beginning of the first half. It was Captain Conal O’Shaughnessy who equalised the game. Heading the ball that had just been hit off the bar, into the left hand side of the goal making it 1-1, ten minutes before half time.

Glenmore’s number 8 was tackled by James Connolly. Glenmore’s number 2 was given a free kick just in front of the half way line. Dublin stopped the opposition from gaining any ground with that free kick but a poor pass meant that Glenmore’s number 5 was able to take a shot at goal. Goalkeeper Niall O’Carroll saved the shot keeping Dublin in the game.

James Connolly’s throw on created the opportunity for number 8, Thomas Wylie’s fantastic goal which was neatly placed into the right hand corner of the goal.

Glenmore had some good runs down the pitch trying to break Dublin’s defense. Which was demonstrated by Glenmore’s number 9, wasted run up the right hand side of the pitch with no one to pass or to cross to in the box.

Dublin kept most of the possession and really set the tempo of the game to a pass that suited them. Glenmore continued to try to break Dublin’s defence with constant attacking play. Glenmore did get a corner that nearly closed the gap between the two teams because the corner was poorly cleared by Dublin who allowed Glenmore’s number 2 to swiftly try to shoot at goal, but luckily for Dublin they missed.

Dublin’s attackers were determined right up to the last whistle was blown to break past there oppositions defense. Especially Glenmore’s number 4 who was constantly fracturing the efforts of Dublin.

Number 7’s beautiful goal was just inside the box which put Dublin ahead of Glenmore. At full time Glenmore warily wandered off and Dublin celebrated to focus on the upcoming Colours match against UCD, Wednesday week.

Jimmy Cumiskey, Dublin’s coach proudly commented on the match saying, “it went very, very well and to concede an early goal was disappointing obviously, but the lads showed great character, absolutely tremendous character to win the game”.