Trinity triumphant in overtime thriller

Conor Bates
Staff Reporter

The Dublin University American Football Team secured its first ever championship on Saturday when they beat UL Vikings in Limerick.

Trinity started brightly after kickoff and forced early fumbles on the Limerick offence. Defensive lineman Ziad Foty recovered one such fumble and almost returned it, being stopped just short. This was converted for six points by running back Rob McDowell. Trinity missed a two-point conversion.Immediately after half time UL scored a passing touchdown, against the run of play. They too missed a two-point conversion, leaving the game at 6-6.

The overtime that followed saw many contentious official decisions Stephen Carton intercepted a pass to leave the offence in great scoring position. Again the ball was offloaded to McDowell who cruised into the endzone for a Trinity win in the third quarter of overtime.
Carton was awarded man of the match.