Shark Night 3D

Shark Night 3D

Director: David R. Ellis

Cast: Sara Paxton, Dustin Milligan, Chris Carmack

Running time: 91 minutes

Rating: III

By Robert O’ Reilly

Let’s face it, good shark movies are like scorching hot days in Ireland, few and far between and possibly overrated too. And although Shark Night 3D is watchable in places (well sort of), it’s likely to sink without a trace to the bottom of the endless sea of bargain-basement rip-offs.

A group of college students (yawn) take a weekend trip to the Louisiana Gulf and soon find themselves being chomped on by some local sharks, which appear to have been deliberately planted there by some redneck residents looking to make their own reality TV show.

Infested with hardbodies, cringeworthy dialogue, an overuse of underwater POV shots, and more clichés than you can shake a tin of tuna at, Shark Night 3D is to Jaws what Trancers 5 is to Blade Runner, and if director Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) had maybe packed the film to the gills with gore and sex (he doesn’t), you might have forgiven the fact that the script is a bit fishy and the CGI sharks are able to out-act most of the cast. This film actually makes Piranha 3D look quite good and that’s certainly no mean feat. In fact, even the 3D effects cannot save this movie from being a complete and utter waste of celluloid. Definitely not worth getting your teeth into.