Daily Mail ban under scrutiny

Constitutional changes to the USI have been proposed at an Emergency Special Congress on Wednesday 18 January.

Proposed changes include allowing a USI officer to stay in office for a third annual term – which would theoretically allow USI President Gary Redmond to run for a third term.
Hiring new professional staff and officer pay rises were also on the agenda. The office of Deputy President, it was proposed, shoud be renamed as Vice-President for Campaigns. This role will be one of several other Vice-Presidents with defined roles, such as the Vice-President for Equality and Citizenship (a merging of the roles of LGBT Officer and Environmental Awareness Officer).

Officers are expected to become official employees of the USI as defined by the Unfair Dismissals Act 1977 to 2007 and will be subject to, and have the protection of, Irish employment legislation. Other changes proposed included the issue of vacancies, impeachment and the use of professional advisers by the USI.