Procrastination Station – 09/02/2012

Welcome to our brand spanking new Procrastination Station: home of the funny, interesting and talked about. Our team of 2:2 getting procrastinators are trawling the web and plucking the very best videos to be uploaded here every day. Enjoy.

1. When veteran interviewer Michael Parkinson came up against actress Meg Ryan the whole world watched in awe. Had she defeated the king of chat?

2. In our recent interview with Stephen Merchant he described this stand-up as “quite simply the best in the world”. What do you reckon?

3. This is quite simply the funniest ‘literal music video’ ever made.

4. It doesn’t matter what you’re cooking there always seems to be an onion involved. Here Vladimir of super-posh Dayelsford Cookery School shows you the best way to chop one.

5. A second gem from BBC 3 show Man Stroke Woman. Very funny.