This House is Overworked and Undersexed — the Lawsoc Comedy Debate

Lawsoc start the year with a motion sure to grab attention

Photo by Aisling Crabbe

LawSoc began the new college year on Tuesday with their inaugural comedic debate for Fresher’s Week, featuring full-time comedians and attended by a crowd eager to hear if students are truly ‘overworked and undersexed’.

Chairing the debate was Andrew Stanley; and, representing the proposition were a team of Trinity students, gathered from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Amongst the opposition were comedians Laura Byrne, recently returned from a stint at the Electric Picnic comedy tent, Jim Elliott and Davey Reily, the latter of whom is currently performing in the Bello Bar as part of Dublin Fringe Festival.

Hugh Fitzgibbon began with a concise, well-structured argument in favour of the motion — qualities which quickly became apparent were rarities in the ever-devolving piss-takes and less-than-subtle innuendoes we were all delighting in.

As a STEM student who had little to nothing to do with anyone who knew what an injunction was, I was curious to hear the perspective of law and arts students on the idea of being ‘overworked’. Thankfully they showed some degree of self-awareness so neither side made any real attempt to whine about their 9-hour-a-week timetable, meaning the idea of being overworked was thrown to the backburner early on.

Although, one speaker did make the valid point that all the smoking arts students do must make the stairs pretty hard to climb.

Being undersexed, on the other hand, was a goldmine of one-liners and slow slides into self-deprecation, which are never not entertaining. Both sides had some solid ideas, but what really won me over to the proposition’s side was the argument to do away with the no-clothes tango and ‘make Trinity wankers wankers again’.

But alas, despite their efforts, the proposition was bested by the opposition’s power of comedic impromptu and the ever-appealing aura of not really giving a rat’s ass.

Lawsoc hosts Joe Brolly will as a  guest speaker today,  followed by a pub crawl on Friday.

Enya O'Connell-Hussey

Enya O'Connell-Hussey is a Staff Videographer for Trinity News.