NUIG is above average for promotion of women

Trinity is below average according to a HEA report published in July this year

NUI Galway is above the national average when it comes to promoting women to senior posts, according to a new study carried out by NUIG. In its Equality and Diversity progress report published on Monday, the institution said 58% of the 33 academics promoted to senior lecturer grades were women (19), compared to 42% who are male (14).

The places NUIG four points above the national average of female senior lecturers with 40%, according to recent data published by the Higher Education Authority (HEA). The result puts NUIG more than two years ahead of schedule in having women make up 40% of its senior academic staff by 2020. The university also has a goal to increase the share of female professors to 30% by 2020.

The report was published one week after an academic at NUIG, Dr. Elizabeth Tilley ,won an industrial dispute against the University at the labour court. Six female academics launched a dispute with NUIG over their lack of promotions to senior lecturers in 2009. Dr. Tilley along with Dr. Micheline Sheehy Skeffington are the only members of the six to have won their cases as yet. The remaining four women’s cases of gender discrimination remain before the courts.

Trinity is below the national average with women making up 35% of senior lecturers, according to a HEA report published in July this year. While the gender gap improves with the figures for associate professor, 42% female and 58% male, the figures are less encouraging for professorships with 81% male and 19% female.

Cian Mac Lochlainn

Cian Mac Lochlainn is an Economics and Politics student, and a Contributing Writer for Trinity News.