The launch of Jailbreak 2018

For anyone who couldn’t make the launch of Jailbreak, here’s a rundown on what happened at their information night and what you need to know to get involved

DU Amnesty, VDP and Cumann Gaelach have all teamed up for the second year to launch Jailbreak: a race where people follow clues to a mystery location in order to raise money for charity. Following their launch on Wednesday morning at Front Square with Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor, they gave an information night in the Global Room.

Jailbreak was started by Amnesty and VDP in 2013 as a different and fun way to get people involved in charities and to raise money. Hugh from VDP pointed out Jailbreak “embodies what we do, showcases what we do”. Since 2015 Cumann Gaelach have joined the team effort.

In 2017 Jailbreak managed to raise 57,000 euro and are hoping to boost that number for this year. Overall, they have raised 225,000 euro in 5 years. As a Trinity based idea it has grown from “its humble beginnings” to “the biggest student event in Ireland” and they now hope to involve other colleges.

All the speakers emphasised how much fun Jailbreak is with Cumann Gaelach piping in to say “Beidh sé unreal”.  Rob of Cumann Gaelach recounted his story from Jailbreak of while being dressed in a wedding dress and suit “a chance encounter in a lift because I was lazy and didn’t want to take the stairs” lead to a bemused couple giving them their air miles.

It was stressed as well that “at the centre is the charities that we raise for”. With all the funds going directly to VDP and Amnesty for their causes such as kid’s clubs and helping the homeless.

Applications for Jailbreak open on the 1st of November and close on the 1st of December. With a social media presence spreading across Facebook, Instagram, a website and twitter they’ll be keeping you updated with more information nights. They encouraged everyone to get involved, stressing how great their own experiences were and how it is for such a worthy cause.

Georgina Francis

Georgina Francis is a former Managing Editor, Life Editor and Assistant Life Editor of Trinity News.