This Week in Trinity: from jazz to Star Wars

It’s the week before Christmas (holidays) and TCD has everything from gingerbread decorating to gazing at meteor showers

Photo Credit: Joe McCallion/ Trinity News

If you’re anything like me you’ve spent the last few weeks holed up in the library, feeling nauseous at the sound of the word ‘deadline’ or ‘word count’ while dreaming about mince pies and decorating christmas trees! No fear, our final week is here and filled with festive cheer as our societies have a host of events lined up.

On Monday, Patrick Wolf, a singer and songwriter, will be coming to the Hist at 6.30pm in the GMB to receive the Burke Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Public Discourse. His unique style is known for his ability to bring electronic music and classical instruments together.

Society for International Affairs (SOFIA) and DU Gamers have paired up for what will undoubtedly be a fun if different event in the Davis Theatre at 7pm. For Model United Nations they’re venturing into the world of Star Wars to discuss the new Republic Senate as the Hosnian System has been destroyed.

To spread the Christmas cheer there will College’s Annual Carol Service in the Chapel from 5PM, everyone is welcome and there will be mince pies afterwards! If you’re course is too tired or just not bothered to organise twelve pubs, DU Archaeological Soc and the Classics Soc have you covered with a toga party at J.W. Sweetman at 7pm.

On Tuesday, VDP reminds us that Christmas, especially with the cold weather we’ve been experiencing, is extremely rough on the homeless. At 7pm in the Joly Theatre they will invite speakers to discuss solutions to the homelessness crisis.

At 11am the Sign Language Soc will be having a workshop in the Global Room, for anyone interested in learning a new form of communication, this is the event for you. Five music students have come together for ‘Strange Sounds in the Air’, a celebration of the birth of electronic music in the 1960’s in the Science Gallery at 1pm. If you’re not quite ready for Christmas music, Wiley Fox is hosting Battle of the Bands- Heat Two at 8pm.

Wednesday is an incredibly busy day starting off with it being Period Positivity Day. An important for everyone on campus, it looks to breaking the taboo of having periods and talking about them. At 2pm why not fulfill a millennial childhood dream with DU Dance in Goldsmith and learn the dance from Mean Girls (remember on Wednesdays we wear pink!). To help calm our frazzled nerves after a host of essays and MCQs why not chill with the Meditation Society at 4pm in the GMB.

After feeling totally relaxed from a calming meditation, Wednesday night starts to reintroduce students to their nightlife. Jazz Soc have ‘Trinity Big Band Christmas Concert’ at 7PM in the Underground Venue just on Dame Street but if you’re looking for something further afield Trinity’s Space Soc will be in Phoenix Park watching the Geminids Meteor Shower. Definitely worth going to so you’ll know how to track Father Christmas in the night sky!

Following on the strength of Period Positivity Day, there will be a women’s workshop on persuasion in the Phil convo room on Thursday at 4.30pm. It’s set to be an inspiring and informative event, and one well worth going to go. At 5pm the SU is holding a workshop on ‘How to be a Campaign Manager’. For anyone interested in getting involved in the campaign season drawing ever closer this is a great event to get advice. On Friday, VDP will be having gingerbread decorating in the Eliz Room at House 6.

Georgina Francis

Georgina Francis is a former Managing Editor, Life Editor and Assistant Life Editor of Trinity News.