This week in Trinity: Refreshers Week

Kick off the new term with a variety of society events to shake the winter blues

The Covid Christmas is over and it was exhausting. Many students may be dreading another term beginning in yet another lockdown. Now more than ever it is important to ensure that students have enough relaxation time and socialisation. What better way to escape the family than joining in Refreshers Week? That’s right, Trinity’s societies are back and hosting a variety of events this week to get you back into the swing of things. With Movie nights, talks, Q&A Discussion panels and with Players hosting an event everyday this week you’re certainly in for a treat! 

Players kick off Refreshers Week on Monday by hosting 3 different events! At noon there will be the usual Coffee morning held over Discord to have a chat with its members. Then at 2pm, tune in to their Instagram page to watch Humans of Players on a live feed. Lastly, this Monday will start the Auditions for Hilary 1 Shows held all day, all week. Why not try out your zoom acting skills? 

If drama isn’t your thing then don’t lose faith this Monday, the TCD Botanical Soc are holding a Plant Care Q&A and Coffee Hour over Zoom from 1-2pm. This is for all plant lovers who have left their plants to wilt over winter – they can be restored! If you’d rather relax after a long day of starting lectures again, the Korean Soc are hosting a Movie Night 6pm – 7.45pm over Zoom. Tune in to see a screening of Midnight Runners with members of the society. Do you miss exploring nature? If so, DU Zoo Soc are hosting a screen of David Attenborough – Seven Worlds, One Planet. Starting at 7pm, this event will show ‘Australis’; the 4th episode in David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet series. 

This Monday, Trinity College Christian Union will host a Q&A panel discussion named ‘RETHINK: The Evidence For Jesus’. For all students who wish to learn more about this topic, join them over zoom 7-8pm. Lastly, Trinity Musical Theatre society (TMT) is offering a Refreshers Jumbo Workshop 7pm – 8.30pm. Students who feel they need to brush up on their singing, dancing and acting after Christmas, can join their workshop over zoom. 

On Tuesday, DUGES will host their first coffee hour this year. Starting at 11am, the society will celebrate St. Brigid’s Day over zoom. In the evening, Players offer a Theatre discussion on Comedy, 5pm over Discord, and DU Gamers are back with a ‘Re-Intro to Card Games’, 6-9pm. Haven’t been able to practice your card skills over lockdown? Don’t fear, DU Gamers will refresh your memory on how to play on a digital platform and the basics of the three card games most played in the society – Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. Tuesday night will end with another event from Trinity College Christian Union: RETHINK: How Can A Loving God Allow A Global Pandemic? To all those that have lost their faith through the pandemic, or to those who wish to understand Christianity, bring your questions to the Q&A panel, 7-8pm. 

On Wednesday the Vegan Soc are hosting a ‘Veganuary’ themed Midweek Munchies. Students that are in need of more vegan tips or just want to be more sustainable can tune in over Zoom, 12-1pm. Then, Wednesday evening sees many societies teaming up to provide students with some thrilling events. The Archeological Society is teaming up with the Computer Science Society to form their first Among us Weeklies of the Year. From 7pm, tune in over Discord to take part in this game night. Then, the Korean Society is teaming up with the Japanese Society and the South East Asian Society for a Gaming ChillZone, 7.30pm – 9pm. Finally, DU Players has collaborated with TMT to perform ‘Matilda The Boozical’. Join in over Zoom, 8.30pm – 10.30pm for a boozy performance of Matilda with 

Thursday evening offers a wide range of events for all students to enjoy. From 5pm, Players will host an insightful Theatre discussion on Tragedy over Discord, whilst at 6pm the Zoo Soc will host a screening of Rockabill. This film is about a unique wildlife location in Ireland where very few people have ever been, and students who tune in over zoom will be able to engage in a Q&A discussion with director and writer Andrew Power after the screening. 

STEM Students you have not been forgotten! On Thursday night DUGES are hosting a ‘Women in STEM W(h)ine Hour’, 6-7pm. Join the society over zoom to discuss the continual struggles of women in STEM professions. 

Friday sees the last of Players’ Refreshers Week events. The last Humans of Players instagram live will be held at 2pm, and the final all day auditions for various Hilary Term plays will take place. Then, the week will wrap up with the final Q&A session by Trinity Christan Union Soc. From 7pm join the discussion ‘RETHINK: Where Can I Find Hope And Meaning?’ to discuss your thoughts on this matter.  

Despite all the horrors of lockdown, Trinity’s societies are putting on some fantastic events for everyone. If you’re feeling blue and in need of some college social events then Refreshers Week is the perfect time to get involved. Here’s to a good term everyone!