Butter me up: Day Three of a week of Buttery breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Ben McConkey and Peter Benson are midway through the challenge

Buttery bois back at it again with another day of madness.

Day Three

What did we eat?

  • 2 item hot breakfast (hash browns, scrambled eggs, toast)
  • 1 item hot breakfast (hash browns, toast)
  • coffee
  • Apple
  • Yoghurt
  • Porridge w/ honey
  • Fruit pot x 2
  • Vegan sausage roll w/ chips x 2
  • Carrot and coriander (chilli chowder) soup x3
  • Coffee cream slice x 2 
  • Ready made egg mayonnaise sandwich
  • Chocolate biscuit cake slice
  • Manhattan popcorn

How much did it cost?

  • €18.47 

How was it?

Today we hopped in the submarine and sank to an all time low of less than €20 spent in the Buttery all day – expending €18.47 overall. Goal well and truly achieved.

But don’t let this optimism deceive you. When the clock struck 14:36, Peter knew that he had made a tummy-rumbling mistake that not even his bearded charm could resolve. He had forgotten that the Buttery stops serving hot food at 14:30 sharp. He was left with no option but to purchase a miserly egg mayo sandwich, popcorn, and a choccy biscuit slice for his dinner. Never again.

On the bright side, the lunchtime menu had nevertheless stepped up a notch with the return of the coveted vegan sausage roll, making its first appearance during sustainability week.

Ben eyed up the salmon fillet on offer, but decided against it due to the already plentiful amount of salmon writhing in front square.  

Today receives a safe five Paddys out of five on the Prendergast scale and it’s all down to those vegan sausage rolls. All the errors were on our part today and we simply cannot fault the food. 

How are we?

Today presented many speed bumps and our resolve was well and truly tested. Let the record show that this challenge would be tremendously easier if we just weren’t vegetarian. But we didn’t do this because it was going to be easy. We didn’t come this far just to come this far. 

As ever….Buttery teeth!