College to provide hybrid-learning in Covid-19 contingency plan

Online learning material may be provided, if possible, for students who contract the virus throughout term

Contingencies have been put in place in case of another surge in Covid-19, a College wide email confirmed this morning. 

Online learning material may be provided, if possible, for students who contract the virus throughout term. Online materials will be made at the discretion of individual schools.

Trinity are to provide hybrid lectures for students who cannot attend in-person classes due to Covid-19 this term, so students are not “at a disadvantage”. 

“We recognise that offering a combination of in-person teaching and live streaming is not possible in all situations, even if teaching staff wish to offer this option,” the email signed by Vice Provost Orla Sheils continued. “Specific resources for students will likely differ across modules and learning situations (e.g., lectures vs. seminars, tutorials, and labs).” 

The email explained that in some instances, live streaming may be a reasonable possibility, while in others, classes may be recorded and uploaded to Blackboard. The email also said that in some classes, lectures from last year may be uploaded. 

The email emphasised that while mask-wearing is no longer mandatory outside of healthcare settings, students are “strongly encouraged” to wear masks in lectures, tutorials, labs, libraries, very crowded indoor settings and on public transport.

“We know that masks are effective in limiting transmission,” the email stated. 

The email continued that the best way to stay safe from Covid-19 this term is to ensure you are fully vaccinated, and to maintain basic hygiene, like washing your hands. 

Trinity urged students not to come to College if they are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. 

“This year we hope that your student experience will not be interrupted by Covid-19,” the email continued. “We realise that many of you have not had a proper College experience yet due to the impact of the pandemic.”

Students returned to campus this week in a somewhat normal fashion compared to previous years. While students did return to some in-person learning last September, lecture capacity was limited, and masks were required indoors until March. 

While classes for returning students do not begin until Monday, September 12, Erasmus and visiting students returned to campus this week for orientation. Freshers’ Week is expected to take place from September 19, as a delayed start to the academic year is expected for incoming first year students. First year students begin classes on Monday, September 26. 


This article was updated at 4:38pm to clarify that hybrid learning will be provided by schools, where possible.

Shannon Connolly

Shannon Connolly is the Editor-in-Chief of the 69th volume Trinity News, and a Senior Sophister student of English Literature and Philosophy. She previously served as Deputy Editor, News Editor and Assistant News Editor.