How societies can inspire your summer

Trying something new and exploring your interests with the societies at Trinity College Dublin

As the long summer months that Trinity College Dublin affords its students stretch on, many of us embark on work, travel, or study to pass the time. Trinity’s vibrant and active society life quietens down and focuses its efforts on preparing for the upcoming year. Behind the scenes, ideas for an exciting Freshers’ Week begin to form to start the college year off, and societies are putting in preparations for events and activities for the year to come. 

The Central Society Committee (CSC) is the body that oversees the societies at Trinity College Dublin, looking after everything from giving advice and general help to providing societies with grants. On their website you can find the list of “Societies A-Z”,  as well as the various publications that the CSC produces such as the annual Guide to Student Societies. They also display some of the various publications that societies have produced during previous years, with everything from freshers’ guides to show programmes: Musical Theatre Programmes, Law Soc publications, and DU History’s “The Historian”, just to name a few. A quick look through the archives of student publications going back through the years may spark memories and ideas to save a boring summer. 

A quick scroll through the instagrams of various societies can spark ideas for how one can pass their time”

And indeed, if any student finds themselves bored with nothing to do, one can look to the societies for inspiration. A quick scroll through the instagrams of various societies can spark ideas for how one can pass their time. The past year can give a bored student a multitude of ideas and much inspiration on how to explore their interests and hobbies, and maybe even try something new. 

Just to name a few, last year the Botanical Society held propagation workshops, bee house making events, and created crochet plant hangers. A bored student may like to take up chess, or play card games, with the Trinity Chess Society and Trinity Card Society on your mind. Or if that isn’t your thing, perhaps knitting, crocheting, and sewing could be, and come September, Knitting Societies’s social events would be perfect for you. 

Computer Science Society (DUCSS) held “Intro to Python workshops” and Valorant tournaments during the past year for its members. Dance Society held workshops from pole dancing, to ballet, to heels and KPOP.  Fashion Society’s instagram has thrift and Depop guides, or can simply provide some general fashion inspiration for the summer months. The Gender Equality Society (DUGES) hosts the Summer Feminist Book Club while college is out. Hiking Society made trips to Glendalough, Howth and Bull Island just to name a few during the past year, while Japanese Society held lantern painting workshops and debated over the anime series. 

The Space Society visited the Dunsink observatory in Dublin which could inspire some summer stargazing. Zoological Society activities ranged from birdwatching to visits to bee sanctuaries and falconries in previous years. 

There will be a society waiting for you in September!”

Trinity’s student-led societies are a brilliant way for us to expand our interests and focus on meaningful activities. But what better time is there than summer to take some time out from the busy everyday and focus on an interest you have? Whether you spend your days propagating plants, or knitting, or dancing, there is no better time than now to enjoy that. Societies can offer lots of inspiration for interests you may have never experienced before. Take a scroll on some of their instagrams and get excited. Try something new this summer, a new hobby, a new interest. There will be a society waiting for you in September!