College on lockdown amidst rioting in city centre

A number of buildings on campus are to remain open for students to keep safe

College has shut all entrances to campus on the instruction of Gardaí amid scenes of chaos in Dublin city centre.

In a statement, it advised students that Kinsella Hall, the GMB, and the 1937 Reading Room remain open for students to stay safe.

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union also released a statement via Instagram, warning students of the ongoing disturbances in the city centre.

“Please steer clear of the area and look out for each other,” the union said.

The College Historical Society (the Hist) have said that the Graduates Memorial Building (GMB) will remain open to all students for the night.

“We have essentials like painkillers, sanitary products etc in stock, as well as some snacks and lots of places to rest,” the Hist said via Instagram.

“Please come to Hist Convo or another safe place and encourage your friends to do the same. Don’t take any risks or unnecessary journeys tonight.”

Photo by Rory Chinn for Trinity News

Unrest has broken out across a number of locations in the city, with emergency vehicles and public transport being set alight and shops being looted.

It follows the stabbing of five people outside a primary school in the Parnell Square area earlier this afternoon. Two of the casualties, including a five-year-old girl, remain in critical condition in hospital. Gardaí say that a man in his 50’s is a person of interest in the case.

Hundreds of people turned out on O’Connell street to join disorganised crowds of protestors, some of whom attacked Gardaí.

A garda vehicle was set on fire, followed by two Dublin Buses and a Luas tram. All public transport has been halted for the night as Garda try to keep events under control.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has said that the scenes have been instigated by a “hooligan faction driven by far right ideology”, branding them “disgraceful” in a statement made from Mountjoy Garda Station

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee has said that she is meeting with Harris “to discuss the policing plan in the city tonight”.

Update: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that a suspect was apprehended and arrested at the scene. This has been corrected. Trinity News apologises for this error.

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