Trinity Green Week commences with sightings of artworks across campus

The festivities will follow the theme “Health Planet, Healthy People”

Celebrations for Green Week commenced yesterday and will continue to be celebrated throughout the week, working in tandem with Health and Sports Week which will commence this Thursday.

A total of 15 events have been organised for Green Week, with Monday being the busiest day with five events. Several long term initiatives with the goal to make Trinity more sustainable have been launched today.

The buttery did not serve meat on Monday in accordance with the “Meat-Free Monday” campaign, and the “Cup Collective” initiative was launched yesterday in the Perch Café, in which sustainable, reusable cups will be sold at the counter.

Yesterday, the Sustainability Leadership Awards took place, which was hosted by Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace. Furthermore, a pop-up clothes swap shop took place in the Arts Block throughout the day.

“Sustainable sculptures” can be seen throughout campus, with notable examples in front of the Arts Block and by the Rose Garden. There will be an organised tour of these artworks today at 12pm.

Sculptor Conleth Gent and painter Erika Tyner collaborated to produce the five wood pillars on the green outside the arts block, the materials of which were gathered from a fallen sycamore tree in the Dublin Mountains and a “landmark walnut tree in Marlay Park which had fallen in a storm”.

“The forms were influenced by ancient stones to be found in and around the monuments of South Dublin”, Gent said, and that “each form represents the evolution of our planet.”

Various panel discussions have been organised, such one focusing on the intersection of climate and sport, with representatives from Trinity Sport, Bohemians FC, and GAA Green Clubs in attendance, which will take place tomorrow at 2pm.

A further panel discussion is to take place on Wednesday, and is the next instalment of the “In Discussion with” series, which will centre on the intersection of climate and health.

There will be a houseplant swap shop in the Sami Nasr Institute of Advanced Materials (SNIAM) building also this Wednesday at 12:30pm. Another tour, this time of the Botanic Garden, is set to take place on Wednesday, also at 12:00, which will happen off campus.

Health and Sports Week will commence on Thursday, with the nature of the remaining events more closely aligning with the theme “Trinity on the move”.