TCDSU President denies accusations of a “toxic workplace environment” within union

The statement, issued by Molnárfi at the final TCDSU council, follows allegations from Education Officer Catherine Arnold in their resignation statement

President László Molnárfi denied accusations of a “toxic workplace environment” in the union at the final Trinity College Dublin Students Union (TCDSU) council.

The allegations were made by Education Officer Catherine Arnold in their resignation statement.

Speaking “on behalf of all of union forum,” Molnárfi said that “TCDSU denies the allegation of a toxic workplace environment, and points to the work that has been done”.

Arnold issued their resignation notice on March 25, including a statement alleging “consistent issues of a toxic workplace” and “workplace bullying” during their year as sabbatical officer.
These claims were refuted by Molnárfi, who spoke to defend the union and confirm that remaining sabbatical officers “have complete confidence in the union”.

The resignation, described by Molnárfi as a “shock in the middle of USI Congress”, will not be followed by a bye-election.

In a statement issued by TCDSU, the decision not to hold a by-election was upheld by the Electoral Commission (EC), Oversight Commission (OC), and the Union of Students of Ireland (USI), which determined that it would “not be in the best interests of students” to run the election due to the added pressure it would place on the EC, OC and students facing exams.

Despite this, Molnárfi assured that the “SU will continue to support and represent students”.
Casework usually assigned to the education officer will now be divided between PTOs in order to ensure student concerns are addressed.

In their resignation letter Arnold said: “Despite a fraught year with consistent issues of a toxic workplace environment and workplace bullying with particular cases pertaining to dignity and respect as well as employment law, I have endeavoured to support all students to the fullest extent of my ability and have achieved all of my mandates where possible.”

They said they are “concerned about the capacity of all other officers to ensure that student welfare is put to the forefront until the end of their term” following their resignation.

“My resignation has so far been delayed due to concerns for my own welfare regarding how it would be received by my employer.”

The role of education officer shall remain vacant until the Education Officer-elect Eoghan Gilroy takes office on June 2.