Is no-platforming the right approach?

Quashing free speech has frightening connotations. While no-platforming a transphobe may seem tempting depending on your beliefs, would this be preferable to opening a dialogue on the prejudice the trans community faces?


Last month, a petition created by Rachael Melhuish, women’s officer of Cardiff university students’ union, called on the university board to cancel an appearance by second-wave feminist Germaine Greer on the topic of Women & Power: The Lessons of the


The Science of Love and Attraction

Ever wonder what goes on in your body when you find someone you fancy? What attributes make people attractive? Is love just a chemical reaction? Una Harty and Greta Warren guide you through the science of love and attraction.



Love is a complex process. Anthropologists have found the existence of romantic love in 170 societies; there is not a single society that exists without romantic love. Love holds no boundaries, as the saying goes. It can encapsulate a person