Permission to speak freely, Sir?

When addressing the subject of freedom of speech, there are several quotes to choose from. Voltaire, Churchill and Orwell have all offered their thoughts on the matter, but this article will begin with Benjamin Franklin’s: “Without freedom of thought, there


Is no-platforming the right approach?

Quashing free speech has frightening connotations. While no-platforming a transphobe may seem tempting depending on your beliefs, would this be preferable to opening a dialogue on the prejudice the trans community faces?


Last month, a petition created by Rachael Melhuish, women’s officer of Cardiff university students’ union, called on the university board to cancel an appearance by second-wave feminist Germaine Greer on the topic of Women & Power: The Lessons of the


Offence Versus Incitement: Notes from the Council of Europe Free Speech Conference

Offence fuels debate, but hate speech stifles it. Where should we draw the line?


Striking a balance

“Freedom of expression: still a precondition for democracy?” – this is the title of the Conference hosted by the Council of Europe from the 13-14 October 2015.

We can all agree that freedom of expression is a


Head to Head: Free Speech Should Never Be Limited

Guillermo Dillon and Matthew Collins debate the value of total free speech.



For the right to offend: Guillermo Dillon, Contributing Writer

Last week I attended the Phil’s debate on the motion, “This House Believes in the Right to Offend”. The debate was truly depressing. This was not only because those opposing the


Free Speech Warriors Need to Sit Down

Michael Coleman challenges the idea that free speech is being squashed on university campuses.


There is, allegedly, a spectre haunting university campuses: the spectre of political correctness. And old white political commentators the world over have entered into an alliance to exorcise this spectre in all its supposed manifestations. Trigger warnings, safe spaces and …