“What is your religion, if any?”

The Humanist Association wants you to think before filling out the census

Currently, census enumerators are going door to door gathering information and passing out the 2022 Census that will help determine the demographic makeup of people living in Ireland, informing future laws and government funding more accurately. Since the last census …


The Steamboat Ladies

The pioneering women who graduated from Trinity when other universities wouldn’t accept them

It wasn’t very long ago that women were first given the opportunity to study at Trinity College Dublin, just 117 years ago. This may seem shocking for a school that now has an even ratio of male to female students,


Are we headed for Polexit?

The Polish government’s undermining of EU law had led some to question the country’s future within the bloc

Since its conception, the European Union’s ability to have its laws take precedence over those of its member states has been questioned, but never overturned. There have been multiple altercations between countries and the Union, ranging from problems solved with


Returning to campus across Ireland

A look at the different approaches to returning students to campuses

As Ireland has begun to open up again, with restrictions being cautiously lowered, universities have begun to solidify their approach to the semester, heading into a new academic year with an overall trend of much more in-person learning and on-campus


Climate, equality and workers’ rights raised to provost candidates at GSU hustings

The GSU has four votes to cast as part of the 800-strong electorate

, and

Equality and diversity were at the front of postgraduate students’ concerns as they put questions to the candidates running to be Trinity’s next provost this evening.

At a hustings hosted by the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU), Professors Linda Doyle, Linda


10,253 students chose Trinity as their first preference in CAO applications

14.5 % of applicants for Level 8 courses in the CAO system have picked Trinity as their first choice

Central Applications Office (CAO) First Preference Applications to Trinity have increased by 38% for 2021, with a record high of 10,253 students.

This is a significant rise from 2020, which saw CAO First Preference Applications at 8,381 students. This was

News Analysis

Poll shows Brady edging out Arrowsmith in unique Ents race

Despite some similarities between the two candidates, Brady looks set to beat out Arrowsmith


The two candidates for this year’s Entertainments Officer race have demonstrated throughout the campaign period that they hold many similar manifesto points and ideas for event-planning in the coming academic year, aside from a few clear differences. However, although there


Ents race: Antonia Brady to make events “as accessible for all as possible”

Brady capitalises on “non-traditional event spaces” and has plans in place even if required to go virtual

Antonia Brady, a fourth year Drama and Irish student, is one of two candidates vying for the position of Entertainments (Ents) Officer for the 2021-22 term in the Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU). Hailing from Navan, Co. Meath, Brady