Trinity’s Women on Walls

Trinity professors look back on a 2016 portrait as part of the Women on Walls campaign after the third round of portraits were unveiled in DCU

For centuries, Trinity’s Long Room sculptures stood unchanged, telling a story of geniuses and scholars, all with something in common apart from their brains: their sex. Then in 2019, we saw a historic vote to select four great female minds


Formula Trinity’s autonomous driving team gears up for success

Two founding members of Formula Trinity’s new autonomous driving team speak to Trinity News about the project

Formula Trinity is the College’s own student-led entry to Formula Student (FS), an engineering competition. The project was first started in 2017, but it can take teams many years of competing at various levels before they have a physical car


CONNECT to design musical gyroscope for primary school students

The centre was one of five recipients of funding from SFI and the Arts Council for a project at the intersection of science and art

CONNECT, the SFI Research Centre for Future Networks & Communications at Trinity College, was recently announced as one of five recipients of funding for the STEAM Art Collaboration project by Science Foundation Ireland and the Arts Council. The project pairs


Trinity researchers examine effect of meatballs on climate change

The study looks at the relative effects on the climate of meatballs against their plant-based alternatives, Lucy Fitzsimmons explains

Meatballs are an essential and beloved part of many traditional cuisines, from the Italian type served with spaghetti, to the Scandinavian sort popularised by IKEA. In 2015, IKEA sold on average 2.9 million meatballs a day worldwide. This globally popular


Pi day celebrations with MathSoc

The world’s most famous constant reminds us that maths really is for the masses

March 14th is an annual excuse to celebrate pi, the infamous irrational number, used since ancient times, and a fundamental mathematical constant. It was one of the first big breakthroughs in mathematics, and without its instrumental role in maths and


Labs of the Future?

Could virtual lab simulations provide an alternative to their in-person counterparts?

Undergraduate science labs a crucial learning environment, a right of passage, or an environmental hazard waiting to happen? Like them or not, the majority of science students here in Trinity will spend a large portion of their degree working


Trinity’s ADAPT and CONNECT research centres awarded €81 million in SFI funding

The centres specialise in artificial intelligence and telecommunications research

Two Trinity led research centres, the SFI Research Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology (ADAPT) and the SFI Research Centre for Future Five Science Foundation Ireland (CONNECT), have received approximately €81 million in SFI funding to expand their current research


Sunday Longread: Female mentors in STEM fields are a precious resource, not a disadvantage

In the wake of a controversial paper published in Nature, Trinity academics weigh in on mentorship in their careers

When you embark on a STEM course as a woman, you are aware from the start that although the gender balance in STEM leadership and mentoring roles has greatly improved in recent decades, the number of women in leadership positions


European Researchers’ Night at Trinity brings research into public eye

The move to virtual leaves no shortage of research-related events and fun

European Researchers’ Night is an annual initiative that aims to bring researchers and their work into the public eye and to encourage those from all backgrounds to engage with research. Last year over 1.6 million people attended European Researchers’ night