Sunday Longread: Paving the path to rediscovery

With potential plans in place to pedestrianise Dame Street, Dubliners are afforded the chance to reclaim their city

As lockdowns infiltrated the world last March, cities experienced a dampening of background noise that was as unprecedented as the pandemic itself. The major boomtowns ceased to boom, and the usual cacophony of traffic was extinguished by unfamiliar harmonies of


Sunday longread: Students in the eye of Europe’s storm

With rising Covid-19 case numbers, Europe now also faces another threat in the form of terrorism

Like Ireland, central Europe has been currently grappling with a second onslaught of Covid-19. Since mid-October, a plethora of European nations have re-imposed lockdowns, culminating in curfews, compulsory mask-wearing and dining limitations for citizens across the continent. The rapid escalation