Killing time: is time travel possible?

From Doctor Who to Back to the Future, humans have shown a fascination for time travel. But is it really possible?

Philosophy of time

Since the publication of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, time travel as a concept has become littered throughout nerd and pop culture, from the classic Back to the Future franchise to more recent movies like Interstellar and


Consciousness: don’t mind if I do

Dan Giffney explores consciousness, one of the main themes covered at Schrödinger at 75

Consciousness. We all say it, we all understand what it means, but good luck to the sorry soul who tries defining it. The word has developed an almost mystical connotation. But is it just our arrogance and bias towards human


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Though technology has been blamed for the spike in mental health issues in this generation, it also may be the only route to equilibrium.

With life getting better by almost all measurable standards, why have rates of depression and anxiety disorders been on the rise?  We have entered the “information age” as a by-product of technological advances brought forth by the internet.

 It seems