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Timeline: How the Dublin Riots unfolded

Rioters wreaked havoc in Dublin on Thursday evening. Reports point to an attack earlier in the day that triggered the disorder. This guide outlines what transpired

On Thursday evening, chaos erupted in Dublin City Centre, with numerous vehicles set on fire and shops vandalised and looted as rioters forcefully marched through the heart of the capital. Garda Commissioner Drew Harris denounced the violence that unfolded throughout

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Explainer: What ties does Trinity have to Israel?

Trinity continues to have ties to at least 12 Israeli organisations through research collaboration and business relationships


Earlier this month over 600 academics across the country called on Irish universities to sever all partnerships and affiliations with Israeli institutions until the occupation of Palestinian territory is ended, the Palestinian rights to equality and self-determination are vindicated, and …

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Analysis: #UnmuteConsent, initiatives to combat sexual violence in College

#UnmuteConsent Campaign 2023 was recently launched. But what does it actually entail? And who benefits?

On 2 October 2023, higher education institutions across Ireland, including representative bodies like the Higher Education Authority (HEA), Irish Universities Association (IUA), and Union of Students in Ireland (USI), formally launched the #UnmuteConsent Campaign 2023. This launch aims to utilise

Special Report: AI in Universities

Analysis: ChatGPT is set to disrupt the post-pandemic dominance of written assessments

Post-pandemic assessment and education as a whole are at odds with user accessibility to artificial intelligence

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic meant that traditional modes of assessment were no longer compatible with distance learning. Academic officials were not prepared nor understood how to effectively deliver education solely online to all students. An inability to administer …


Analysis: Environmental measures in College amid European Commission report Ireland at risk of missing 2025 EU waste target

Climate awareness and sustainable practice are hot topics in EU politics. Ireland’s falling short of EU waste targets signals a need for more environmental initiatives by the Government. But is College’s approach to environmentalism any better?

Issues dealing with climate change and sustainability have been at the forefront of political conversations for decades. The more humans produce, consume and discard without regard to the current waste management systems, the more irreversible environmental damage will be done.


TCDSU and Trinity BDS issue a joint statement standing against “all forms of violence” in Israel and Palestine

The two groups reaffirmed their “solidarity with the Palestinian people”

Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) and Trinity Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions group (Trinity BDS) have issued a joint statement standing against “all forms of violence” while reaffirming their “solidarity with the Palestinian people”.

The statement comes following a major

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The never-ending saga of the Irish economy: cost of living crisis and tall tales of a budget surplus

A student’s guide to the cost of living crisis, Ireland’s economic state and College’s role in the ever-increasing financial burden upon students

Cost of living, rent increases, housing crisis, unlivable wages. These phrases are intrinsically intertwined with the current realities of millions across Ireland. For years, students, families, and professionals alike have grappled with economic hardship due to living in Ireland. Rather

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Attacks on tourists: Ireland’s new trend across global headlines

Recent reports have highlighted Dublin has become increasingly unsafe across various fronts. What do these reports actually entail? What does this mean for students?

For better or worse, Ireland is not a country to make consistent global headlines. Although a prominent and considerable nation, Ireland generally strays away from international notoriety. To most of the world, Ireland has primarily been known as a charming


Trinity professor Abeba Birhane named to inaugural TIME100 AI List

The new TIME list features leaders, policymakers, artists and entrepreneurs focusing on AI from countries around the world

Assistant Computer Science and Statistics Professor Abeba Birhane has been selected in the inaugural TIME100 AI List for her work researching harmful biases and stereotypes in artificial intelligence (AI).

The new TIME list features leaders, policymakers, artists and entrepreneurs focusing …