Reflecting on four years in Trinity

The beginning of my final semester in college is a good time to ruminate on what’s shaped my university experience

Final year brings with it an entirely different student experience than that of the previous three years students typically spend in Trinity. Conversations seem to revolve endlessly around final year projects, dissertations and internships. Society involvement is sporadic, as final-year


Trinity has a seagull problem

The rampant bullying of students by gulls has reached a crisis point

Trinity students are living in fear. In the Arts Block, students whisper in huddled groups. At lunchtime, they sit on the floor together and cry into their Sprout salad boxes. In between lectures, they rush from one building to the


Trinity’s keycard system is woefully inefficient

In a college that markets itself as a home of “groundbreaking” innovation, students and staff are plagued by issues with keycard access

Despite their differences, Trinity’s on-campus accommodation and Dartry Halls share a number of similarities. You share living spaces with your friends and peers. If you want to have more than eleven people in your apartment at one time, you have


Student library monitors shouldn’t be necessary

Desk monitors will help to prevent desk-reserving, but long-term problems of overcrowding and inadequate opening hours are the root of the library’s space issues

The news that college intends to recruit a team of students as “desk monitors” in the library during exam time has been met with a mixed reaction across campus. It has become increasingly clear that the practice of “desk hogging” …


In Trinity I have learned to expect the worst

Considering the cyclical pattern of issues Trinity students have been subjected to, it is hard to believe that this year will be any different

Reflecting on the organisational disasters of Trinity’s last academic year, it is difficult to approach the oncoming term with any hope. The consensus on the 2018/19 year was unanimous: Trinity’s implementation of the Trinity Education Project, or TEP, was woefully …


The Arts Block runway

Fast fashion and conformity run contrary to the supposed free spirited thinking of the Arts Block, writes

The Arts Block runway is a reflection of the latest trends in Trinity’s fashion ecosystem. From windcheaters to fur jackets, to the latest Fila Disruptors, the Arts Block is a multi-coloured testament to what’s hot and what’s not. College is