Op-ed: A lack of empathy

The Burkean’s racist article is a systemic issue, not a fleeting news item

Inequality is a fact of life, and, yes, the statement “not all are born equal” is true in some sense, if you examine how students are experiencing life as an ethnic minority in Trinity. The Burkean recently published an article


Trinity’s academic freedom fighters

How Trinity students can help scholars wrongfully convicted worldwide

The right to speak out and publicise what one believes in is essentially a privilege. Even within democratic countries, there are varying levels of this freedom. Journalists are often targeted by their states and attacked for speaking up. Not only


A frightening reminder of the past

Navika Mehta discusses the similarities between “India’s Daughter” and the Belfast rape trial victim

Content Warning: Sexual Assault

Wednesday afternoon, after finally submitting my essays last minute, I checked my phone and the first thing I saw, was a notification from Irish Times. It said: “Four cleared of all charges in Belfast rape trial.” …


Smuggler’s Soul: the shocking story of Veerapaan

Navika Mehta writes about how Lush are subtly propagating the story of Veerappan, the sandalwood smuggler

On a random visit to the Lush store near college, continuing a light-hearted conversation with my friend, I entered the store. I had never imagined that as I walked out, my mind would be in a whirlwind of emotions – …