Movement of music: from the club to campus

In the face of Dublin’s dying nightlife, Trinity’s music societies offer a chance to meet new people and listen to up-and-coming artists

With the closure of Hangar last year followed swiftly by District 8’s Tivoli Theatre venue, there is an ongoing conversation about the inevitable death of Dublin’s nightlife and music scene. The city’s techno and house scene have taken a particular


Summer internships: a struggle of inaccessibility or just survival of the fittest?

Is the increasing scarcity of summer internships impeding accessibility for young graduates?

As the days gradually lengthen and end-of-year deadlines loom in the near distance, many students take respite in the knowledge that the summer holidays are also on the horizon. Irish universities supply more weeks of holidays during the summer months


More than a smoking gun: College burnout

How to recognise if you’re burning out, and how to prevent it

It is not uncommon for students to begin to feel exhausted, depleted, alienated, and on the brink of failure. But at what point does seemingly everyday stress turn into burnout? Unfortunately, in spite of the prevalence of burnout in people


Tenacity, accessibility, and individuality: women in leadership with Law Soc

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, Mary Robinson chaired a panel discussion on what it means to be a leading woman in modern Ireland

In advance of International Women’s Day, Law Soc hosted a panel discussion last night on Women in Leadership in association with William Fry. The event aimed to examine what it is like to be a leading woman in 21st century


Photoshop, first aid and a cup of coffee: Upskill week

TCDSU organised Upskill week as an opportunity for students to gain skills and increase their chances of employment

This week was Upskill Week in Trinity. Organised by Trinity College Students Union, there have been an array of workshops, classes and training sessions hosted by various societies and individuals across campus. From barista and service training to First Aid