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Púca Magazine is representing all voices

Oona Kauppi interviews Trinity postgraduate Christopher Joyce on his literary journal Púca Magazine, in time for their second issue’s submissions call

Christopher Joyce, the 23-year-old Trinity postgraduate student behind Púca Magazine, joins the call. Púca’s first issue came out just last month – their second issue is due to come out in December 2021. “I always had a fierce admiration for …

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Hertta Kiiski wants young people to stay hopeful about climate change

Oona Kauppi interviews Finnish artist Hertta Kiiski on her work Milky Way for PhotoIreland Festival 2021

In the midst of climate-induced anxiety, Hertta Kiiski’s artwork stands out like a beacon. The Finnish artist’s colourful installations combine photography, film, live performance and textiles, yet broach some of the more pressing issues of our age. I sat down …

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The 8th: a masterful and poignant glimpse into the Irish abortion crisis

Oona Kauppi reviews Ireland’s documented campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment

In today’s world, 24 out of 195 countries prohibit abortion. Prohibited there, too, are abortions carried out to save a woman’s life. An additional 42 countries, including Brazil and Mexico, allow abortion if the circumstances are life-threatening. These are facts. …