Society spotlight: the Metaphysical Society

Metafizz auditor Louis Roberts talks about both the academic and social sides of the philosophy-oriented society

It feels that public discourse is increasingly comprised of entrenched opinions where people speak without listening and come to conclusions that are never challenged or revised. It can become exhausting when the slightest show of doubts in your own beliefs


Greenwashing, microplastics and vintage clothing: FLAC’s sustainable fashion panel

Three speakers from the fashion industry discussed the impact of fast fashion and how we can be more ethical in our clothing choices

The climate crisis is the defining problem of our generation. It encompasses everything we do and every choice we make, from how we travel to what we eat. On Tuesday, Trinity’s Free Legal Advice Centre welcomed four guest speakers to


Trinity’s defunct societies

Robert Gibbons takes a look at some of the societies that have disappeared over the years, revealing how our student ancestors may have lived

It is easy to passively believe that year in, year out, student-run clubs and societies merely exist, pushed by their own inertia to continually hold events and meetings. And yet, a quick look at the history of student societies in …