Should Ireland stay or should we go?

The Phil, along with their guest speaker, debate whether Ireland should remain on the vessel of the EU or jump ship as Britain did

The Phil commenced with their weekly chamber debate of the term in front of a packed audience of both old and fresh faces alike, debating whether Ireland should remain in the EU or opt to exit it as Britain did.


BYOB: Bring your own buzz

Alcohol can be a defining aspect of student life in Dublin – fortunately, there are places where you can also relax alcohol-free

Alcohol is undoubtedly a defining aspect of student life in Dublin. It’s abundant at so many student meetups and much of student social life revolves around pubs, clubs, and bars. This can make it difficult for those who don’t drink

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The Law Soc maidens final

Jack Synnott emerges victorious after an intense Law Soc Maidens final

Commencing at 7pm on Tuesday the 13th of March, the final of the McCann FitzGerald Natalie Forde Memorial Competition proved to be a fierce battle between eight of the most talented first-year debaters.

Hosted by Trinity’s Law Society and