Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, and Cyprus to be hit hardest by Brexit

With Article 50 officially triggered last week, InDepth editor Ronan Mac Giolla Rua and staff writer Annabel O’Rourke take a look at the countries most affected by Britain’s eventual departure from the union

The media storm that has engulfed Brexit reached its pinnacle when Theresa May’s letter which triggered Article 50 was finally delivered to the European Council President, Donald Tusk. After months of delays and upsets, any remaining hope that Brexit may


War of the Houses

Annabel O’Rourke gives an insight into the House of Lords and its Brexit negotiations

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A divided future

“The question that must be answered is how much power does the House of Lords truly have and is this power wielded justly?”

The oncoming storm of Brexit negotiations is one that continues to garner


Fossil fuel divestment and the re-birth of activism

Annabel O’Rourke looks at the driving forces behind the success of fossil fuel divestment in Ireland, which has grown from worldwide initiatives and college-focused campaigns

Fossil Free in Ireland

“Fossil Free is, in fact, an international activist group that is promoting worldwide divestment from fossil fuels.”

As liberals anxiously watch the world they so carefully constructed fall into the hands of those who wield the

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Tinder, Beauty Standards and Airmax: Women in Comedy

A colourful array of sketches, impersonations and stand-up was on offer at last night’s Women in Comedy event


Entitled “Hysteria – Women in Comedy”, last night’s comedy gig welcomed seven female comedians who provided the audience with a mix of sketches, impersonations, stand-up, and even rapping. The comedy night was indeed a welcome addition to the line-up of