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DJ and broadcaster Annie Mac at the Phil

Dublin-born Annie Mac deals with clubbing, drug culture and her rise to fame in an insightful afternoon discussion in the GMB on Monday


As Annie Mac beamed at the front of the hall while receiving her Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage from The Phil, there is almost a sense of appreciation in the chamber for a local returning home – this is no …


Harry Potter filmmaker David Yates at the Phil

Having directed the final four instalments of the beloved fantasy series, Yates remarks on what drew him back to the direct the latest Rowling adventure ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them’


At 4pm on Tuesday, filmmaker David Yates addressed a packed room in the GMB having been awarded the Medal of Honourary Patronage by The Phil. Yates is best known for directing the final four instalments in the infamous Harry Potter


Making a murderer’s Dean Strang talks to the Phil

Underfunded public defense, social media’s influence on jurors and the pressures of being a defense lawyer were topics of discussion in the GMB.


Dean Strang, an American lawyer who came to fame following the success of the Netflix series ‘Making a Murder’, today received the gold medal of Honorary Patronage from the Philosophical Society. Strang was defence attorney for the accused Steven Avery,