Refreshers Week – New Year, new sport? Emma Dooney takes on the Trampoline

Emma Dooney always hated team sports; will the trampoline prove a welcome change or a return to old embarrassments?


I have never enjoyed sports. When I walk into my living room and find that my older brother has left Sky Sports on, I instinctively leap towards the remote control to drown out the noise. When I hear the details …


The science of New Year’s resolutions

Una discusses the historical origins of New Year’s resolutions, why we fail to keep them and how can we successfully reach our long term goals in general.


The institution that is the New Year’s Resolution is not just a convenient creation of the fad diet connoisseur or the Nicorette distributing companies. The concept of beginning one’s year on the ‘right foot’ stems back to Babylonian times, when


What’s the point of New Year resolutions?

If the Grinch had an overlooked younger brother with a vehement disregard for ringing in the New Year, I reckon that I could challenge him for his title.

comment1The rumble of new trainers on treadmills rings out in gyms across the land. Shopping trolleys are filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, while doughnuts and cream cakes look lonely in the supermarket aisles. All that’s left from Christmas is …