TAF 2016: The first events of the week

Trinity Arts Festival, everybody’s favourite week of the year, is upon us again! Here’s how the first day of the festival went, from the perspective of some of TAF’s finest volunteers!

Pav Breakfast

On a beautiful, cloudless Monday morning, I hopped along to the Pav for a free breakfast all in the name of TAF. Although ‘hopped’ may be too strong a word, as I dragged my hungover self out of …


TAF 2016: Superstar author Margaret Atwood speaks to packed GMB chamber

There is no pension plan, no retirement, and if you say you wish to be a writer at school your parents may have “renal failure,” she joked

Author Margaret Atwood, who has won countless literary awards, including the prestigious Man Booker prize for her novel The Blind Assassin, spoke to the University Philosophical Society (Phil) in conjunction with Trinity Arts Festival (TAF) today, February 25. Atwood was …

TAF 2016: I Used To Live Here screening

This Irish drama holds a special connection to Trinity, with IFTA nominated lead actress Jordanne Jones incidentally being the daughter of TCDSU president Lynn Ruane

The 2015 film I Used to Live Here was screened on the second day of Trinity Arts Festival, followed by a Q&A with director Frank Berry. Seen through the eyes of two young teenagers, the film captures the effects of …

TAF 2016: The Shamanic workshop

“If you have just read all this and you’re thinking ‘Ha you sound like an absolute loon!’, well yes, I would have agreed with you before, but after the workshop I felt so alive and happy!”

Walking into the Atrium this morning I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Shamanic Workshop. Scattered in a semi-circle were fresh daffodils, and as we entered John and Karen from Slí an Chroi greeted us. We were going to …

TAF 2016: The Murder Mystery

About the meaning of life, spiked chocolate bars and what happened on Honduras – A Murder Mystery with Trinity Arts Festival 2016 and DU Players

On Tuesday 24 February  the Trinity Arts Festival murder mystery tour organised by TAF in cooperation with DU Players started.

On the with moonlight illuminated stairs of the chapel eight DU Players introduced the audience to the plotline: A Salvadore …


TAF 2016: The zine making workshop

As Harriet explained, zines are “a way for people to publish their own work in a valid format,” without financial restrictions or advertising. They are “a platform for private work”, she claimed, which is cheap, yet allows the artists to be “as daring as they want it to be”.

At 3 o’clock on Monday a zine workshop was held in the Phil conversation room in The GMB as part of Trinity Arts Festival. Elizabeth Rochford, of the visual arts magazine “The Bridge”, and experienced zine creator Harriet Bruce facilitated …