More female candidates is welcome, but the engagement problem is ever present

It is apparent that engagement problems and a perception of a “hack culture” will continue to plague the SU

This year’s SU leadership race makes an important break from last year, most importantly marking a return of a healthy number of female candidates to the race. Nonetheless it is apparent that engagement problems and a perception of a “hack


Stop mourning the supposed loss of free speech

Students in Trinity are fragile when their sense of self-righteousness is challenged

Last week the Phil cancelled their debate “This House Believes Middle Eastern Women Need Western Feminism”, largely due to backlash resulting from a piece in Trinity News. TCDSU Ethnic Minorities Officer Navika Mehta expressed the hurt and anger students had


Predators like Weinstein operate because we permit them to

Heralding men like Weinstein, Hefner and Allen as artists gives them a power status that allows them to abuse

The slew of actresses who have come forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault from a single perpetrator, Harvey Weinstein, have brought to light the seedy world of Hollywood we all suspected to exist.

Hollywood turns against him only

Budget 2018: a breakdown

While full of attractive gimmicks, this budget does little to help those in need

The budget announcement yesterday did not contain many surprises. Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe announced a spending increase of 1.2 billion euro.

Both housing and health will see huge increases. O’Donohue highlighted the “corrosive impact of homelessness” when delivering the