What I’m Really Thinking: Limited edition access to a final year student’s thought process

So what’s the plan? What are you going to do? Are you talking about this summer, or, like, life? Every final year student hates being asked what is next. It only reminds you that you don’t know, and that you’re not ready to decide.   Summer will be great, the first taste of freedom in […]

What Apollo House tells us about Ireland

    “No, Apollo House is not enough. It is like putting a plaster on the wound, dealing with the symptom but not with the cause”   Moving into Apollo House was not an appropriate response to the housing crisis, said Owen Keegan, Chief Executive of Dublin City Council. Well then Owen, what would be […]

Power to the people? Reinstate 48 and Irish politics

Just how useful could Article 48 be to Irish politics in the here and now?

The SU should prioritise Trinity issues rather than national issues

Bláithín Sheil argues that the SU should leave controversial politics to be expressed by cause-specific groups.

Politics and Society

It was announced this month that a subject named Politics and Society will be added to the Leaving Certificate Curriculum from 2016, with the first formal exams taking place in 2018. The course will cover topics such as power and decision, rights and responsibilities, globalisation and identity, and sustainable development. Students will be exposed to […]

Challenging misconceptions about homelessness

Bláithín Sheil talks to a diverse group of homeless people about their experiences and the options available to them.

‘Put them where we can’t see them’

Recent objections to the opening of a new homeless shelter in Dublin’s city centre are a damning indictment of Irish business.

Getting over myself

Failing my driving test wasn’t the end of the world.

How sexism still haunts the brilliant Amal Alamuddin

Hello! Magazine completely disregarded her professional achievements.


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