Agony Uncle Jamie – Million Pound Conundrum

Here our in-house Agony Uncle, Jamie, passes on sage advice to readers’ struggling with sex, relationship and lifestyle issues.

Dear Uncle Jamie,

Rarely do my boyfriend and I fight. Prior to a week ago, I think the only time we failed to see eye-to-eye was after I picked him up from a night out and he showed his gratitude by vomiting all over my windscreen. Lately though, things have been different.

It all began last Saturday night when he refused to trust me on the penultimate question of Channel 4’s “Million Pound Drop” which we were playing along with online.

“It’s Kim Cattrall that is in Sex And The City, not Kim Kardashian”, I begged, but he just wouldn’t listen. As a result we subsequently lost the full million pounds we’d worked so hard to achieve and have been constantly bickering since.

How do we relinquish our harmonious relationship?




Dear Aoife,

By the sounds of things, the difficulty you’re having in resurrecting your relationship with your man may not be such a disaster. In my straight-talking opinion any significant other who cannot beat Davina and ‘The Drop’ is not worth your while.

Moreover, the puking incident you mention clearly suggests that his priorities are somewhat distorted. Maybe if he spent less time out on the rip he’d be able to keep up with you and your intellect.

If I were you I’d dump this Saturday night TV cretin and find someone new. Perhaps you’d be better off with one of the Eggheads.


Uncle Jamie

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