TN: Looking for Applications

Rónán Burtenshaw


Trinity News 2012/’13 is expanding!

Lately we’ve been working on a new design for our broadsheet and on creating a new website.

Now we’re looking for new members to join this year’s team.

If you think you’d like to write for us – anything from news stories to opinion pieces to sports columns – e-mail our team at [email protected].

But we’ve got three specific positions open to applications as well, which are listed below. The deadline is Sunday at midnight, but get them in quickly because we’ll be going on a first-come basis. Applications need only be a cover letter or a CV. Send them to [email protected].

NEWS: College Affairs Correspondent – This position on the newsteam will report on the developments of College itself. The person who takes it will have to get to grips with the structure of the College (who does what, makes what decisions), the recent history of developments (restructuring, new people in new positions, new emphasis on international students and Global Relations strategy), the on-going stories (IFUT union dispute, the Croke Park Agreement, College funding, academic freedom). They would also be responsible for organising FOI requests on College material. TN is also working on a (secret, sorry) project to enable academics to pass on information in confidence and with guarantees of anonymity. The College Affairs Correspondent will work with the editorial team on this. A good knowledge of the College and its structures preferable, experience writing stories in this area a bonus.

SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM: Co-ordinator – This will be for the second part of a shared position, we’ve already got one person on staff. This year TN will be running a ‘School of Journalism’, featuring workshops, seminars and lectures from some of the country’s best journalists. We also hope to feature two set-piece debates on the role of the media and journalists in society – amongst other things – as part of TN Events. The School of Journalism Co-ordinator position will involve scheduling the talks, finding locations for them, communicating with the journalists involved, running the section of our website and organising any social media coverage of the events. Although we have already invited a number of journalists in to take part we’d also be taking feedback from whomever occupies the position on further invites. Good organisational and administrative skills preferable.

VIDEO: Editor This year we are looking to develop other mediums to communicate our stories to TCD’s students. Video will be an important part of that – and will not just serve a functional role. We want to bring a staff of film-makers onboard to produce at least one video per issue – relating to content featured in the paper or magazine decided upon in a dialogue with the Video Editor. This could be expanded upon to include ideas stemming from videography that feature as articles in the TN publication. Our video section will be integrated with our website and social media accounts and a degree of autonomy will be offered to the Video Editor to develop it and pursue video content within the framework of journalism. Applications should include at least one example of previous work.

REMEMBER: Applications in as soon as possible to [email protected], with the deadline this Sunday at midnight. If you’re pushed for time and can’t get much of an application in let us know and we’ll take that into account.