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Toggling queerness: Code-switching on dating apps

Rhiannon Ní Chinnéide explores the heteronormativity of mainstream dating apps and offers some useful alternatives for those who are tired of changing themselves to fit this mould

A year after discovering that I was queer, I downloaded my first dating app. Being only 15, my app of choice was one called Yellow – later renamed Yubo – which was marketed to teenagers as a place to “make

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An bhfuil sé in am dúinn ar fad na haipeanna coinne a scriosadh?

Is gnáthrud é chun cas ar dhaoine trí Tinder nó Hinge, ach ag an am chéana, is minic a fheictear na haipeanna mar cluiche

“An bhfuil tú go maith? Mar tá tú ag féachaint go maith.”

Cloiseann Gaeilgeoirí na briathra meala den saghas seo níos minice ná a mhalairt ar Tinder. Gan amhras is fearr linn an beart seo ná an teaictic chliúsaíochta chun …

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The Hurdles of Mental Health Challenges in Relationships

Emma Whitney reflects on the challenges that mental health difficulties pose in relationships and examines how this can affect our most intimate relationships

Mental illness has been part of my life since I was eight years old. One day, I began to experience a terrifying breathless feeling in my chest and things were never the same. I grew up with a weight on …

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Beware, the Ides of February

Laila Banerjee outlines the woes and comforts of Valentine’s Day for the average Valentine’s Day sceptic

I have never met anyone who is wholly unaffected by Valentine’s Day. There is one half that eagerly awaits this day while the other half absolutely resents it to the point of indignation. In all honesty, up until writing this …

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Reframing queerbaiting: Why applying it to celebrities misses the mark

Daisy Gambles explores the use of the term queerbaiting, and the damaging effect this can have if misapplied to celebrities rather than fictional characters

Queerbaiting is a term that’s recently soared to prominence in discourse surrounding popular media and people in the public eye. The very definition of queerbaiting identifies it as a marketing technique that aims to attract LGBTQ+ audiences by hinting at

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Bad Date with a Book

Jayna Rohslau waves around the literary red flags that should strike fear into the heart of every Trinity student

All that glitters is not gold. Unfortunately, keeping in mind that they are paying for our college tuition, most parents do not shower us with expensive gifts, but rather socks, and books. Not to say that I’m complaining about either …

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How these Trinity students are using chalk to create change

Anna Lyons interviewed EmpowerHer*Voice Dublin about their use of chalk to tackle catcalling on the streets of Dublin

Combine chalk and passion and beautiful things can result. I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the founding members of EmpowerHer*Voice Dublin, Esme, Sully, Kitty and Niamh, about how they use chalk to instil change on the …

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A long hard look at Love Languages

Hazel Mulkeen questions the love languages, and asks why we place so much value on them

If you’re reading the Sex and Relationships section of Trinity News, it’s probably fair to assume you’re familiar with the five love languages. They’ve found their way into Gen-Z culture and become a shorthand for what kind of person you