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Repeal Review appeals for submissions by April 1

Ella Sloane discusses persisting barriers to abortion access in Ireland ahead of Friday’s deadline

Almost four years after Ireland’s electorate voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment, significant barriers to abortion access persist, forcing women to travel to receive care. Geographical coverage remains one such barrier to accessing abortion, with only one in ten GPs

Sex & Relationships

Endometriosis and PCOS are everyday issues. We need a healthcare system that reflects that.

10 people highlight the devastating reality of being diagnosed with chronic disorders in Ireland to Eva O’Beirne

To assess the failures of the Irish health system, and also to raise awareness for Endometriosis Awareness Month, Trinity News spoke with ten people who all suffer in some way from either endometriosis or PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Several of

Sex & Relationships

Right Or Wrong

Izzie Willis explores her relationship to sex and alcohol

Right or wrong, sex and alcohol seem to be intrinsically tied up with one another – for me, and for a lot of other people I know. It is obvious in a way, with the loosening of inhibitions being indiscriminate.

Sex & Relationships

On Platonic Intimacy

Ella Walsh discusses the subtle but burning importance of platonic intimacy in our everyday and romantic relationship

Last winter in Dublin, my housemates and I got the bright idea to save on our electricity bill by periodically shutting off our old, inefficient heaters. In the end, it made the house so cold that one of my friends