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Calling for an End to the Female Body as a Trend

Cat Grogan scrutinises the fickle trends that society imposes on the female body and the detrimental ramifications that these trends have on women’s lives

Picture this: a newborn baby girl lies before you. It is your job to tell her the truth: that the world she has been born into will evaluate her worth according to the shape of her body and the extent

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Too straight for some, too gay for others; A bisexual conundrum

Holly Thompson explores the stigma surrounding bisexuality in Ireland through examining the variety of prejudices members of this community face

You can find the Irish version of this article here

There seems to be a myth that bisexual people have the best of both worlds, provided their attraction to men and women simultaneously. Combining my own personal experience with

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Sex in the city: The Irish and their lack of sex clubs

Laura Shannon explores why sex clubs are so hard to find in Dublin and whether or not there is a market for them

It is no surprise to anyone that Ireland’s relationship with sex and the general discourse surrounding sex is lacking, to say the least. With engrained societal Catholic guilt and a general lack of sex education in Catholic schools, it is …

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Take the STI out of stigma

Anna Lyons sheds light on an under-discussed topic through looking at two student’s personal experiences with sexually transmitted infections

The cases of sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) in Ireland have been steadily rising recently. They are more common than ever, and it is likely that someone you know has had one right now. Having an STI isn’t a bad thing, …

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Dating Apps: the positive and negatives when it comes to the world of online dating

Emma Whitney explores the conflicting feelings that arise from using popular dating apps

I hate online dating. I do not believe that there is anything more soul-crushing than swiping, swiping, swiping, becoming more and more dejected in your search to find The One. Or in some cases, company for the night. Conversations on …

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The seven types of love: ‘Everything I Know About Love’

Three Trinity students kick off a series on the different types of love through the work of Dolly Alderton

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In the Greek language, there are seven different words for the concept of love. Something about that in itself is so poetic; there are so many ways to feel love that they couldn’t contain it in one word. 

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