Editorial apology

In the wake of a Trinity News piece which fell through our editorial process, I am deeply sorry for not upholding my duties

Yesterday evening an article was uploaded to Trinity News by myself which should not have been uploaded in the state that it was in.

The piece was in response to a piece written around November of last year, and contained a number of personal attacks on the writer of the first piece.

Because of my own rush of judgement and failure to properly assess the piece, an article in a fashion which we would never normally publish, was published.

It was never my intention to carry a piece which features comments of that nature, and it is certainly not keeping in the tradition of Trinity News to carry such a piece.

Trying to maintain control of such a large group of students and writers, while trying to cast off accusations of bias have taken a personal toll on my mental health during this year.

All I can say is that my own personal life and stresses caused me to selfishly assume that the piece, which had been back and forth between the writer and Trinity News for sometime, was at this point suitable for print.

That assumption proved to be gravely incorrect, and I am deeply sorry to those, especially to the staff writer of the original piece, for publishing an article which contained those personal attacks.

I have tried to make Trinity News an opening and welcoming place for people this year, and this error stands in the face of that effort.

I am currently in discussion with my staff to consider my position as editor as it currently stands, for this and other personal reasons.

– Matthew Mulligan