Cóisir kicks off Freshers’ Week with a bop

Trinity News embarked upon an adventure to locate the famous District 8

Trinity Ents started their freshers’ week with a bang with ‘Cóisir’, an event featuring Katie Laffan and Daithí, and collaborated with An Cumann Gaelach, SUAS and The Hist.

The night began in the Hist conversation room, featuring a lavish reception of jellies, beer pong, and enough free booze to barely keep up with the demand as the room packed with people. No one seemed put off by this, however, and it was full steam ahead to District 8 and the main event of the night.

Finding the location of this club night proved to be a challenge to the guides leading the packs of freshers through the south inner city, however everyone got there in the end and soon the night was in full swing. Upon arriving at the somewhat shady shopfront advertising itself as ‘Vape Island’, club goers were greeted with a line long enough to regret not coming earlier. One brave enough to venture into the alleyway that followed found a smoking area comfortable enough for conversation with a converted bus serving as a bar and live trad music being played at one of the tables.

Inside the club itself, the dance floor was packed, smoke filling the room and transforming the area into something ethereal. Indeed the event description was not lying when it said that the club would be ‘dubh le daoine’. The wait for Daithí was much anticipated, the headline act not appearing until after 1am. Though he suffered some minor technical difficulties on stage starting out, the crowd loved it and if anything it built the expectation of the beat drop even higher.

This event put freshers’ week off to a good start, and it will surely be one to remember (or possibly forget) for many freshers.