FW de Klerk to speak to Trinity Law Soc

Law Soc have announced they shall present the Trinity Praeses Elit Award to Nobel Peace Prize winner FW de Klerk

trinity-lifeTrinity Law Society have announced that they will host Nobel Peace Prize winner FW de Klerk to address students on Wednesday January 18. De Klerk shall be awarded the Trinity Praeses Elit Award in recognition of his central role in ending apartheid and his outstanding contribution to reconciliation in South Africa.

Speaking about the award, Hilary Hogan, auditor of Trinity Law Soc, said “The Trinity Praeses Elit Award is awarded to individuals who have advanced discourse in their line of work, and who have been a source of inspiration for young people everywhere”. Recent recipients include Louise Arbour, Navi Pillay, Mary McAleese,  Alex Salmond, Jeremy Paxman, and Sir Bob Geldof.

“In 1990, F.W. de Klerk made the decision to release Nelson Mandela from prison, and subsequently acted as his deputy President. The two men worked together to combat racial segregation, and their extraordinary legacy led to radical change in one of the world’s most divided nations”, elaborated Hogan. “His work as a parliamentarian, coupled with his promotion of democracy through the FW de Klerk Foundation, make him a worthy recipient of this prestigious award.”

This event shall take place at 6pm in the Synge Theatre in the Arts Block on Wednesday 18 January.