Diamonds, XNTHONY and Xylophones: What to expect at Trinity Arts Festival

Aoife McColgan gives an overview of what this year’s TAF lineup holds in store


Trinity Arts Festival (TAF) is back, running from Monday 6 to Friday 10 February. With this annual event growing in status each year, Trinity Life have created a guide encouraging you to make the most of this entirely free celebration of the arts.

Day Events

Each day there will be a variety of different workshops – from learning how to bead and creating balloon art, to a ‘make your own xylophone’ stand and the always popular ‘Shamanic Journey’. There will be events running continuously over the course of the five days, and so there’s bound to be one or two that you can squeeze in between classes.

TAF is said to be the biggest collaboration of societies that you will see this year; DU Dance, VisArts and Afro-Caribbean Soc are just a few of which will be taking over the campus. VisArts will be holding the ‘Finders Keepers’ event in which attendees will trade items with each other. The Bram-Stoker paper with the Phil will host a part-poetry and part-discussion event, as well as a contemporary-improvisation happening with DU Dance. Reeling with CalSoc, a workshop with Improv She Wrote and an Afro-Futurism Discussion Panel and Showcase with Afro-Caribbean Soc are all collaborations that will be taking place.

On Monday, there will be a geometric shapes workshop, where those who attend can learn how to make geometric diamonds which will then be hung up around campus for all to see.

Night Events

On Monday, attendees at the Rose Garden will see a LED show in collaboration with the Juggling and Circus Soc. Following this, if you head over to the Chapel you’ll find a concert featuring Bad Sea, Moonlookson and Farah Elle.

The following night, you can catch the Women in Comedy Gig in Whelan’s, which is supported by the Equality Fund.

Wednesday night sees the Murder Mystery party take place in Henrietta Street. Inspired by the Rothschild 1972 Surrealist Ball, this is most definitely a highlight of the week. Wristbands for this will be available for purchase from the TAF stand in the Arts Block prior to the event.

Another event worth looking out for is the Society Liferaft Debate with The Phil, whereby members from various different arts-based societies will fight to win their society the reputation of the best on campus, with DU Players, ArcSoc, Improv She Wrote, DUDJ and The Phil to name but a few of those set to take part.

If you’re not tired out by the end of the week, you can attend the wrap party to finish off the arty celebrations. This event is taking place in an undisclosed mansion location, with the address being revealed to ticket holders only. This event itself is free, though there will be pre-arranged transport available for €10, so if you’re strapped for cash and have been living on porridge for the week, this may be for you.


Each year, a variety of speakers – musicians, comedians, photographers alike – come to TAF to speak to attendees about a range of topics. This year, the line-up is extremely diverse, so there is sure to be something for everyone!

Comedian and pop star, XNTHONY, a potential contender for the 2018 Eurovision, will be speaking on Tuesday. XNTHONY’s performances merge music and comedy whilst exploring issues of contemporary popular culture, and so this talk shall likely be a unique experience for all who attend.

Irish-based photographer Dara McGrath will be speaking to DUPA and TAF. Cartoonist, writer and environmentalist Don Conroy will also have a slot to speak to attendees, as well as Desiree Burch, a comedian, actor, teacher and writer.

Former Chair of CSC and auditor of Trinity Orchestra, Rob Farhat, will also be speaking. As the co-founder and director of record label Ensemble Music, this is a must-see event for those interested in this particular field of work.


TAF will also have an exciting mix of installations on display, both physical and performance oriented. POMO MENARCHE, designed by Grace Morgan, Laoise Murray and Cliodhna Kelly, is a performance installation that explores the female experience in terms of body image, reproductive rights and objectification.

Guerrilla Gigs

Another element of TAF likely to gain lots of traction is the set pop-up performances that will occur every day at 1pm at random locations across campus, sure to both surprise and delight all of those just lucky enough to catch them!

TAF launches this Friday evening at 7pm in House 7, with a volunteer t-shirt distribution and customisation night. For more information on the event’s line-up, click here.