A letter to… slow walkers

The biggest frustration for any student walking to College? Idle strollers in the city centre

Dear Slow Walkers,

It is a lovely thing to walk down Grafton Street on a sunny day, chatting with a friend or two and enjoying yourself. It is equally lovely to take a leisurely stroll around St Stephen’s Green park. The park – not a main street. I can say that I almost admire the ability of those who walk as if you have all the time in the world, moseying along as you please. However, your thoughtlessness for others makes it clear to me that you have more to learn when it comes down to the seemingly complicated art of walking.

As a moderate to fast-paced walker myself, I’m afraid you are some of my least favorite people. You do not seem to understand the basic concepts of flow, traffic, and pace. For instance, if most people are traveling in one direction, under no circumstances should you travel in the opposite direction when on the same side of the path as them. Understandably, students have places to go and people to see, and in a bid not to be late to at least one of my tutorials this week, I would really rather not be stuck behind you and your group of friends.

As an individual slow walker, whilst annoying, the threat you pose and frustration you cause is minor in comparison to when you join forces with your friends. Taking your time, walking horizontally, and barring anyone from getting past you.. This is a real issue. This is rude. This must be addressed.

As I was walking to College this morning, already cutting it close, I got caught behind a group of five people clogging up the path with their unbelievably slow pace. They were inching along, therefore causing me to stress about making it to class on time, not to mention everyone else trying to get somewhere without being late. Not only did the gaggle of youths think it okay to move so lazily, but they also felt the need to stop every few paces. As a student who is constantly on the go with classes, work, food, social life, and more classes (food), it often feels as if there are not enough hours in the day. Getting caught behind a group of people strolling along can therefore be infuriating when all that is on my mind is getting to class on time or cramming in as many minutes as possible at the library.

I know it is not only me who finds the slower paced people of the world rather annoying. Upon telling a friend I was addressing this issue in an open letter she proclaimed her appreciation, stating that “they need to be called out”. I understand, I really do, that walking at a normal pace is difficult sometimes. However, it will remain a pet peeve of mine until I either accept it, or preferably, the entire world speeds up for me.

Admittedly, perhaps I am one of few who finds slow walkers rather irritating. Nevertheless, if it is possible to pick up your pace a bit, it would be much appreciated. Slow walking is infuriating to those who never quite leave themselves enough time to carry out their daily tasks in a calm, organised manner. Whilst I do understand that it will likely never end, please slow walkers, I am urging you now: understand the pain that you cause both me personally, and the general population.


A Fast Paced Walker