Freshers’ ball appalls and enthrals

The main event of the week gave students a chance to drink and awkwardly wave their hands in air

If you’ve ever wondered what the last days of Rome were like, you’re probably a Classics student. If, on the other hand, you aren’t a complete loser, you were probably at the big event of Freshers’ week, Trinity Ents’ Freshers’ Ball.

Held in Academy on Tuesday night, the Freshers’ Ball promised to be the biggest night of the biggest week of the biggest waste of your parents’ money of your life. Opportunities to drink and pretend to like complete strangers are few and far between at your first week in Trinity, so the Ball provided a welcome opportunity to do both at a completely justifiable cost of €25.

As a result, it enticed hundreds of students into the three-floor nightclub. For those who missed out, and more likely those who were there but struggle to remember anything, here is the definitive sum-up of Freshers’ Ball.

Academy boasted a quartet of floors each with their own unique twist. The first level of Academy featured a silent disco where those not quite over teen discos could belt out Mr. Brightside and Wonderwall. Who can get enough of those right? Literally no one. Keep playing those dirty tunes Academy DJs – you’re doing God’s work.

The second tier “Green Room” was mostly empty for the night. With the most hip-hop heavy set of the evening, it just couldn’t attract the critical mass of people required to make your average fresher feel suitably comfortable and/or sweaty. 

The third floor was by far the most populated and played host to the big names of the night like the headlining Magician. While those seeking up close magic were disappointed, sesh-fiends and house-heads alike were seduced by the throbbing bass and surprising speed at which you could get your drink stolen. Many people genuinely had a good time here so good for them I guess.  

The fourth floor provided a lovely balcony from which to look down at people, which was really up the alley of most Trinity students and was as such fairly well attended throughout the night.

Newcomers to Trinity will have sought to answer key questions on this crucial night out. Does holding your hand in the air count as dancing? Doing BESS counts as having a personality, right? Is it okay to take drugs off strangers in the bathroom? While Freshers’ ball may not have answered all of these questions, it’s safe to say that it’s the start, not the end, of what will surely be a great year.

Ronan Daly

Ronan Daly is a Deputy Features Editor, and a Senior Fresh History and Politics student.