Less chaos, more to experience

Our pick of things to do in a slightly quieter week for society events

Photo credit: Joe McCallion/ Trinity News

As the dust falls on the now distant memory of Freshers’ Week many of us have now started to turn away from society events and nights out and retreat to the hallowed halls of the Usher and Berkeley to make a start on that reading that we’ve promised ourselves we will actually attempt this year.

As a result society events are slightly few and far between on campus this week. Fear not however, we here at Trinity Life have managed to put together our pick of goings on in what promises to be a slightly quieter week than those that have gone before.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the debates from the ever-faithful Historical and Philosophical societies will provide a welcome and thought-provoking break from our hours of library procrastination. On Wednesday The Hist will discuss whether Wonder Woman should be recognised as a true feminist icon. One not to be missed if for nothing but the reception beforehand.

Their self-professed rival society, The Phil will host another debate on Thursday night entitled ‘This House Would Meet Bigotry With Violence’. If their debate a few weeks ago on whether or not the Repeal campaign should ‘reject respectability’ is anything to go by this topic is sure to present some very passionate opinions on both sides of the debate.

It is unlikely however that any Trinity Hall residents will make it to these debates as they will probably still recovering from the chaos that is sure to ensure on Tuesday evening at the first JCR event of the year. Hoards of bright-eyed and loose-legged freshers will descend on the Button Factory for the annual Frat Party which is sure to prove twice as wild as the authentic versions across the Atlantic. Expect baseball camps and trump masks galore.

If you do happen to attend the Frat Party and are looking for something to heal the soul the following morning look no further than DU Meditation’s Daily Morning Meditation Launch at 10am in Room 50 in the Atrium. Lasting only thirty minutes it seems like the ideal way to kick start your day on a positive night and banish any lingering worries of assignment deadlines and who you may have embarrassed yourself in front of the night before.

Finally to keep the Repeal Campaign momentum from the last few weeks going strong, the Student’s Union are holding a Volunteer Information Evening in the run up to Repeal Day on the 26th of October. Be sure to go along to find out how you can make an impact towards a campaign which has never been more prevalent in our country.

Correction Wednesday 11 October 5.28pm : This article previously incorrectly stated that Dublin University Gender Equality Society were involved with the Hist’s debate.