Flood’s night out: Making waves

David Flood is one of two candidates in this Student Union race for Ents Officer.  Last night, in The Underground Venue, he hosted his promotional event as part of his campaign.  Flood is captain of DU Surf Club and in his speech at the Dining Hall Hustings, promised to deliver nights “you actually want to go to”.

One point Flood stresses in his manifesto is inclusion, he wants to use his events to bring more people together.  The first act of the night is The Gills and it’s the band’s first time playing together. Combining the inaugural performance of the band with Flood’s showcase event is risky.  The event needs to polished and flawless to succeed, but if it’s a risk, it’s a calculated one.  Playing Bowie, an obvious crowd pleaser, to a receptive and enthusiastic audience, the band sets the tone for the rest of the night – triumphant.

To the backdrop of the next live music act I spoke to Flood and asked him if he felt nervous or daunted by the night.  He said: “I wasn’t nervous, I was excited for the night, when you organise a night, it takes the magic and the mystery out of it.  Then once the event is going and you look around and you see everyone having such a good time, and talking and dancing and having fun, it’s so rewarding.” Joe Benson echoes Flood’s enthusiasm, summing up the atmosphere and unique essence of the event saying “this night’s really offering a breath of fresh air… there’s something to suit everyone here”.  

There’s a definite mix of students, which speaks to the varied nature of the night.  From live music to a DJ, the cozy venue offers something for everyone.  The costs are low too; it’s hard to complain about a free night out with cheap drinks.  The problem with nights out is their subjective nature.  No Ents Officer can promise you won’t lose your coat and that no one will spill a drink on you, but the major factors that govern the outcome of any night out; cost, accessibility, music and ambience, require a meticulous level of planning that, when well executed, goes unnoticed.  If this event is any indication of how Flood will orchestrate and execute his nights out next year, if elected, then we are in capable hands.