This week in Trinity: Trinity Arts Festival and Eigse na Trionoide

This week boasts plays, guest speakers, pub quizs’ as well as the long awaited Trinity Arts Festival and Eigse na Trionoide

Photo Credit: Joe McCallion/ Trinity News

It’s week four in Trinity and this week brings us a range of thought- provoking and fun events includingas well as Trinity’s Arts Festival (TAF) and Eigse na Trionoide. Combined, they have a whole host of enticing events for people with a variety of interests so be sure to check out their pages for the long list of events they have planned.


Trinity’s Arts Festival is kicked off on Monday in the Player’s Theatre with the debut of ‘A Play On Two Chairs’ at 2pm. Centering around only two characters, this play is only two euro for members and has free entry on Friday. “A story of love and madness” is how ‘The Effect’ is described, an additional play put on by Players as part of the Arts Festival. Starting on Monday and playing out through the week, this play starts at 7pm.


On Wednesday, the Dáil will be debating the climate emergency measures bill. If passed, this monumental bill will see a huge change in how seriously Ireland takes our ocean and the environment. To prepare, the Environmental Society have teamed up with the SU to make posters in House 6 at 1pm on Monday.


On a lighter note, in the Eliz Room in House 6 there will be a bath bomb workshop at 3pm as part of TAF. At 5pm the Environment Society and Trinity’s Global Development Society are showing ‘Chasing Coral’ in the Atrium’s Room Three. If this important and informative documentary on a vital part of our environment isn’t incentive enough to attend, then free pizza should be!


SOFIA has yet another impressive ambassador speaking this year as Philip McDonagh joins themus at 7pm. As a former ambassador to Russia, India and the OSCE, McDonagh will be speaking about his pivotal role in the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland.  


In the Global Room at 10am on Tuesday Trinity’s Headspace will be offering free coffee, tea and biscuits where you can learn about the mental health services on our campus. If you want to do something different why not check out Trinity’s Art Workshop on Pearse Street at 5pm to do watercolouring, another of the many exciting events run by TAF.


On Wednesday, Bram Stoker Club are back with yet another interesting paper, this time by Amy O’Sullivan on why we wear high heels. Catch this talk ‘If the Shoes Fits: The Chequered History of Heels’ at 1pm in the GMB.


Quiz Soc are here to help us relive the trauma of state exams with ‘Are you smarter than a Junior Cert?’. Taking place Iin Doyles at 7pm the quiz for teams of four will be solely based on past Junior Cert questions, so who knows, you might just do better on Irish Paper 2 with a pint in you. If you’re looking for a bit more action head on over to Seomra na Gaeilge at 7pm to help TCDSU and Cumann Gaelach solve a murder mystery. At 7.30pm the Hist’s debate will discuss whether ‘This House Would Negotiate with Terrorists’.


At 4pm on Thursday in the Global Room TCDSU, Trad Soc and Cumann Gaelach are teaming up to throw a Céilí. For any students looking to get a taste of Irish culture, this event also promises to teach you how to say Irish names and teach you ancient proverbs.

TCD’s Classics Society will be found in Long Stone Pub at 7pm hosting a quiz on mythological creatures. This event not only promises to be a fun night, but has a range of great prizes. If you’re feeling ambitious, why not try Trinity SMF’s leadership perspective panel at 6.30pm in the Ed Burke, Arts Block. At 7.30pm, the Phil’s weekly debate will focus on the motion ‘This House Believes Modern Feminism is Fighting the Wrong Battles’.


Kenneth Clarke is receiving a gold medal from the Hist for Outstanding Contribution to Public Discourse at 2pm in the GMB on Friday. Clarke is a conservative MP who has served all the conservative Prime Ministers from Margaret Thatcher to David Cameron. For any student looking to become a better speaker, the Hist have you covered with a workshop with ‘tips and tricks’ at 4pm in the GMB.


To round up the week this weekend sees the long awaited panto for VDP ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Hosted in the O’Reilly Theatre in Belvedere College at 6.30pm, this event should be good fun as well as an opportunity to support a worthy cause.


Georgina Francis

Georgina Francis is a former Managing Editor, Life Editor and Assistant Life Editor of Trinity News.